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Zobel Aerial Photography

Zobel Aerial Photography provides aerial photography services to the Eastern Iowa area. It was started by my friend Jeremy Zobel to make some money with one of his favorite hobbies. Z.A.P. uses a profesional DJI Phantom 3 drone to take 4K video and stills of landscapes and special events.

The Problem

Z.A.P. needed a website that could successfully reach a rural community. It was essential that the website not only gave good textual information about the company, but had an expansive portfolio as well.

The Solution

I designed and built a static webpage that featured many images taken by Z.A.P, essential information, and a unique weather forecast. I then converted the static website to a fully-customizeable WordPress theme.


Design Overview

Zobel Aerial Photography was my first freelance website for a client, and one of my first sites where I really got into the design. I studied several subjects leading up to this project including whitespace, fonts, and color. Although I designed all of the website myself, I copied some ideas from several inspirational sites on Dribbble. Marek Dlugos built a great website that helped me narrow down my color scheme and font usage for this project. Check out the partners page for more details.

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Finished Design

The final design featured many of ZAP's favorite photographs and provided all the necessary information a visitor would need to know.

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Isaac made a professional website for my business exactly how I wanted it, and then he went way beyond my expectations and made it even better.

- Jeremy Zobel

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