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Stride Advisors

Stride Advisors is a certified public accounting firm that provides tax and payroll services to companies. I was hired directly by Stride Advisor's digital marketing advisor to create a series of customizable landing pages.

The Problem

Stride Advisors wanted to run some Google ads, but was getting penalized because their main website did not have content that directly applied to the ad. They also wanted a way to capture the vistor's email in return for a small PDF that gave more information about the specific service.

The Solution

I designed and built a customizable page template that could be easily modified to create as many specific landing pages as needed. I purposely created the page as lightweight as possible so that it could be uploaded to the already existing WordPress theme. I added a form that gave the visitor a free PDF and saved their email to a CSV.


Design Overview

Since the landing pages would be integrated into the existing Stride Advisors website, they needed to look almost identical to the current style. I copied most of the CSS from the main website, tweaked it to make it work better, and applied it to my new HTML and PHP markup. The hardest part of this project was finding a WordPress email form plugin that actually did what I wanted it to do and nothing more.

An image of Stride Advisors landing page.

Finished Design

The final design looked practically identical to the actual website's style but had the specialized information and contact form needed.

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Unfortunately, Stride Advisors ran into some problems and was not able to use my work after I completed it. You can visit the landing pages on my server if you are interested in trying the email capture form out.

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