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Zobel Aerial Photography

  • static website design
  • custom WordPress theme

Jeremy Zobel wanted to turn his aerial photography hobby into a small side-business, but he needed some help getting off the ground. I designed and built a custom website to help Zobel Aerial Photography showcase their unique work.

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An image of

Isaac made a professional website for my business exactly how I wanted it, and then he went way beyond my expectations and made it even better.

- Jeremy Zobel

An image of Stride Advisors landing page

Stride Advisors

  • custom landing page
  • reusable WordPress template
  • email capture for free PDF

Stride Advisors was getting penalized by Google Ads for having a generic and vague website. I gave Stride an affordable and effective solution they could use to easily create as many custom landing pages as they needed.

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Personal Projects

Cool applications I've built to learn more about web development.
An image of ninjaURL

URL shortener

I started this project as a RESTful API microservice, but then added some more functionality to have a complete fullstack web app. I built the backend microservice with Node, Express and Mongo, and then I built a simple frontend to call the API. While you probably won't use this for any real purpose, I learned a lot about how the backend works with this simple app.
Full case study coming soon.

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An image of a hayrack ride

Uber clone

This project was originally a simple Mongoose and Node API made in a course I took by Stephen Grider. I then added more routes and features and built a completely functional SPA in vanilla JavaScript to work with it. I also created a custom script to seed the database with realistic drivers to give the app a genuine feel. The only thing missing is authentication, and of course, real drivers.
Full case study coming soon.

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An image of Sideways

DOM library

I had an idea to build myself a custom dashboard, but I needed a way to navigate several pages on it. I looked at some existing libraries, but they were all too complicated, so I started my own. Sideways creates fullscreen pages based on HTML markup and gives you a JavaScript library to easily change and interact with them. This project is still in the early stages, but it has most of the critical features complete.
Full case study coming soon.

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